Dec 20

My Personal Financial Plan for 2013

The end of 2012 has brought quite a change to my life. In October I left my job of 7 years to further my career at a new company, and during the 4 weeks in between those jobs, I discovered blogging.

2013 Financial PlanningThis discovery came from a desire to understand finance. As a new arrival on American shores, I needed to better understand the American financial system and so I began to explore the often complex subject of personal finance. Along the way, I started to write some notes about what I had learned. Just a few short months later, those notes have developed into the site you’re reading now.

The desire to better understand my personal finances is still my main focus, and with that in mind I have decided to make some broad stage goals for the coming year. These are basically broad steps to get to your ultimate goal. Before I talk about what they are, here’s a little about what I have been doing this year.

In the last 6 – 8 weeks I have built a website for my “on demand” online store at zazzle.com, built my first affiliate website, started development of my own premium WordPress plugin and of course started the site you’re reading, thirtysomethinginvestor.com. The plugin is still a work in progress (as i guess  all my projects are), but it’s something that I never thought I would be able to do, let alone imagine how easy it could actually be for anyone to put their ideas in motion.


What I have learned over the past couple of months has given me more than just a better understanding of my personal finances, it’s changed the way I see the world and opportunities. I’m not just talking about opportunities to make money, but also opportunities to make time. Whether it’s time you spend pursuing your interests or time with your family and the people you love, smart investments can earn that for you. I deliberately chose the word “earn” because those investments do have to earn their success and that takes time, effort and most importantly understanding.

With earning success in mind, I’d like to share with you my rough outline for 2013. It’s not meant as a set of mandatory goals, but instead a collection of things I hope to establish this coming year.


1. Release WordPress plugin.

This project is actually close to completion. I have outsourced the development of the plugin and the design of the logo for the plugin’s main sales webpage. This was a plugin that I personally wanted but it didn’t exist, so I decided to build it. As soon as I release it, I will tell you all about the process of outsourcing its production and how you can build your own.


2. Build new niche site.

Having learned so much this year about building niche sites, I feel pretty excited about starting a new project. I may build a membership subscription website for my niche, or maybe an affiliate site promoting products or even develop and promote my own product, like a guide or piece of software.


3. Pass realtor exam.

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Ideally I would like to take a class in person, but may find it hard to make it to class. There are some highly credible courses online, so I may take that route to better fit it into my schedule. Either way, I will be writing about the process of taking the exam and sharing the whole experience with you.


4. Buy first investment property.

The “crown jewel” of my plan :) This year I’m looking to buy my first investment property, but since property prices are very high here in Los Angeles, I’m looking at investing in a vacation home outside of LA. This is not because I’m rich and want a second home, this will be the first home I’m buying of any kind, and once the paperwork has been signed, I’ll tell you all about it.


You should always know as much as you can about an investment before you invest, and so this year my biggest goal is to invest in my knowledge and understanding. The realtor exam is a large part of that and if anyone else is thinking of taking an online course, comment below and maybe we can all take the exam together!


Happy Holidays and have a prosperous New Year!