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Blogging Tool Box

Our “Tool Box” is a collection of plugins, services and software that we have come to use on almost all of our websites.


Blogging Tool Box

Our most frequently used tools

There are tons of add ons and extra services available for you to use, so look around to see what might be useful on your site.  Some tools you could end up using over and over so we thought we’d keep our most frequently used things all in one place and share them with you.  We hope you find this list useful and good luck with your projects!

As we explore investments and passive income, we will be adding any new products or services we find useful, so bookmark us and keep checking back for updates!



Disclaimer: Some of the links below may pay us a commission if you buy their product.

This will NOT affect the price you pay.


Themes & Graphics.


Theme ForestTheme Forest

These guys have a bunch of great wordpress themes to get your site looking smart and professional fast.




Graphic RiverGraphic River 

A great place to find graphics and icons to legally put on your websites.




Code CanyonCode Canyon

Here you wil find plugins and bits of code ready to add to your site. They have tons of stuff so if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, build it yourself and sell it! :)



Photo DunePhoto Dune

Loads of great images ready for your site. It’s tempting to source images from google, but copyright theft is no joke. Photo Dune gets you the pictures you need, the right way.







This is where all of our websites are hosted. BlueHost are one of the cheapest options available and offer tons of great features. You can host multiple sites from one account making organizing your sites easy, and their one click wordpress install gets you up and running fast. Highly recommended!





All in one seo for wordpressAll in One SEO Pack 

WordPress SEO plugin to automatically optimize your WordPress blog for Search Engines. This is a must have for any online project!




All in one webmasterAll in One Webmaster 

Tracking your site and installing webmaster tools can be a pain in the neck. This makes installing tracking code into your sites simple, with no complex code for you to worry about.  All In One Webmaster gets you ready to analyze and improve your site in minutes.




Optinskin PluginOptinSkin.com

This is hands down the best opt-in plugin available for wordpress. Opt-in forms are a great way to add subscribers to your site or invite people to share your content. OptinSkin offers a great range of templates for you to use or easily modify to get you up and running fast. Installation and configuration is simple and clear.



Zazzle aStore PluginPremium Zstore Plugin for WordPress

As someone who has been a big fan (and a pro seller) on Zazzle for a number of years now, this plugin is a MUST HAVE for anyone making or incorporating a Zazzle store into their website or blog. Previously, in order to customize your store, you would have to download Zazzle’s store builder and modify the PHP files contained inside. Now you simply install the plugin, add your referral ID and away you go! Choose which products (and how many of them) you wish to insert into a page, then simply copy and paste the short code into your site wherever you want them to appear. Easy.


Wish List MemberWishlist Member

This little beauty is a one stop membership website shop! You can effortlessly create a private website with user registration all from one plugin. Wishlist Member then manages your users accounts and access privileges private content. You can use teaser style intros to premium content where an article is cut short by “subscribe to read more” etc. Basically, if you want a subscription website (and there are reasons why you might here),  these guys are my number one choice. Simple and easy.

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Google Keyword Research ToolGoogle Keyword Research tool

This is everyone’s first stop for searching for those elusive keywords to really help your site rank in Google. *Requires free Google Adwords account.



Market Samurai Market Samurai

This little piece of software has been the beginning of thousands of successful websites. Market Samurai helps you search out frequently entered, low competition keywords so you can position your website at the top of Google’s search results. It can even help you search out the best possible domain names for your sites. Industry standard and a must have for any serious blogger or web entrepreneur.





Google AdsenseGoogle Adsense

I know people who look down their nose at Google Adsense, but for many it’s a great way to monetize their sites. Google looks through the text on your website to determine it’s subject, then generates small text adverts for relevant products or services. This can often generate significant income when used on high traffic sites.


Commission JunctionCommission Junction

This is a one stop marketplace for affiliate programs. Search from hundreds of products and services from internal brands, all offering cash for referrals or sales from their websites. You can search by keyword or browse their list of categories. You may want to find some specific products and services for you to be an affiliate for, but Commission Junction is the best place to get a good range of products fast.


Click Bank Affiliate ProgramClickBank

They guys are in many ways similar to Commission Junction in that they have a huge database of products waiting for affiliates to start selling. ClickBank differs in that it tends to be better for digital products like plugins and eBooks offering guides and how tos. They can be great for finding products very specific to your niche. No matter how specialized your subject, someone has probably written a guide. As always, if no one has, you write one and make 100% of every sale!






Got an idea but not the computer skills? Freelancer.com has thousands of freelance web programmers, designers, and developers ready to work on your project. First, you post a “brief” of what you want and your budget, then people from all over the world working freelance bid to build your idea. Freelancer holds the payment until you release it, so you’re protected. Got an idea for an iPhone app and a couple of hundred bucks? These guys can make your idea a reality.


99 Designs99Designs.com

In a similar vain to Freelancer.com, 99Designs.com has freelance designers ready to answer your brief and compete to design your logo. Designs from multiple designers are presented to you and you get to give feedback on all of them before narrowing it down to your favorite designers. After 3 more days of feedback and changes, you pick your winner. The legal copyright is owned by you and you receive high quality vectors of your logo. I like 99designs for my logo work as they seem more focused on creative projects as opposed to coding and programming.



eBooks & Course’s


Start A Blog That MattersHow to start a blog that matters by Corbet Barr

Corbet Barr is an online entrepreneur or “digital nomad”, as he says. His guide is a week by week walk through to building a successful blog. This course takes you though finding the right idea for your site and getting the perfect domain name and keywords to build your site around. Next, you’re taken through how to build and prepare your site for its launch. Finally, Corbet explains what to do after your site launches. It’s a must read for anyone serious about starting a profitable blog.



Free Online Stores.


Zazzle Free Online StoresZazzle.com

Zazzle is (for me) hands down the best print on demand service on the web. Unlike it’s main rival in the print online business Cafepress, Zazzle is completely free to set up and is backed by owners Google, so you know it’s highly visible in search results.

For a guide on building and maketing your own Zazzle store click here.



Etsy.com Sell your stuffEtsy.com

Now Etsy.com is one service I must admit I have yet to use, mainly as all my products are digital delivery. Etsy is an online market place for physical goods. If you can make it and ship it, Etsy will help you sell it. Personally I don’t like to have much in the way of physical assets. But if you do, Etsy could be perfect for you.



If you have any “must have” products or tools when blogging or investing, let us know in the comments below!






Image courtesy of renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net