Getting Started

Taking your first steps.

Taking those first steps is the hardest part.

Entering the unknown and doing something for the first time can be a daunting prospect. What do I need know before getting started? What are the risks? What do I stand to gain? What could I potentially lose? There is an added pressure when talking about starting out in investments and that often stops people from investing in the first place – the fear of losing everything. The fear of gambling away your future is a very real one for many people, and one that has been the death of many a great business idea.


A little bravery goes a long way.

Things always have a tendency to appear difficult from the outside. Goals seem beyond your reach, everything is too technical to understand, and yet others make it look so easy. If you’re brave enough to put yourself out there and take a chance, the rewards can be huge. The key is not to gamble your money, but to take what I like to call “calculated risks”.

With any investment, there is always an element of risk involved. If there wasn’t any risk in investing, there wouldn’t be any potential for gains. There must be something on the line in order for you to gain, but that doesn’t mean your life savings should be gambled on the throw of a dice. Make educated decisions and always calculate the risk involved. Remember, a fool and his money are soon parted.

With that in mind, time for you to take your first steps.


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Below are some guides and “How to” tutorials to get you going. Even if you are not particularly interested in a particular investment, I would advise reading everything. Seeing how an investment grows and is developed helps you begin to broaden your understanding of finance and, ultimately, your financial horizons.




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A step by step approach


Everyone needs a little help from time to time, so as we learn new things and try out different ideas, we will be adding guides about what we’ve learned.   This is not intended to be a “Complete Guide to XYZ”, but instead to introduce you to some of the ideas and thinking involved in …

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Remember, It's easy when you know how!

How To’s

They say it’s easy when you know how, and we couldn’t agree more. The hard part is learning in the first place, or at least it can be. Trawling the internet through hundreds of websites to find the information you need can be time consuming at best, and at worst can demotivate you from continuing your search …

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Used a great marketing product? Share a review with us


Submit your review to ThirtySomethingInvestor. Fancy yourself a writer? Maybe you have already written a review elsewhere and wish to add it here. Either way, we want our review section to be a forum of sorts. We want our reviews to be independently written and shared by you. We don’t want to just tell you …

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