Mar 19

Investment of a lifetime

Investment of a lifetime!

So it’s been a little quiet here on ThirtySomethingInvestor.com for the past month or so, but it has very much been the quiet before the storm!

Behind the scenes, things have really been moving forward with a number of key investments and passive income opportunities for this year, some completed and many nearing completion.  As always, I will be telling you all about them just as soon as they are all finalized.

Remember not to count your chickens before they hatch! :)


After what now seems like endless coffee fueled late nights designing, building, writing and marketing, my first niche website is up and running!

3DPrinterPrices.net was launched about 2 months ago and is my first dedicated affiliate marketing website. The site provides up to date pricing information and specifications on a wide range of home 3D printers, along with guides and information to help people learn about all about what 3D printers are and why they are becoming such a hot industry.

Along with the website, there is a Facebook page and a YouTube channel is under construction for sharing the latest 3D printing news and showing examples of 3D printers in action. if you get the chance to take a look, I’d love to hear any feedback!


So what’s next for the ThirtySomethingInvestor?


After a disappointing experience with a freelancer (more on this in a later post), my wordpress plugin is now back on track and fast approaching the finish line! It’s taken considerably longer than I had hoped to get the software to this point, but it has been a process that I have learned a lot from and will share my expirence with you, so you can avoid the same old mistakes.


Last but not least, I have also taken a big step and began the search for an investment property.

For many of us, buying property is the biggest investment we will make in our lives and so choosing when and where to buy has been a long process of research. After finally deciding on the perfect location for my budget and financial aspirations, I can finally get down to the fun part of tracking down the perfect property.

I don’t want to give too much more away right now, but I look forward to telling you all about the process and any obstacles I encounter along the way. Along with the house itself, I’ll be talking about some of the reasons why I’m buying an investment property and the plans I have for that project. It’s a big step but one I hope will reward both financially and personally.

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So until then, let me know how your own plans for 2013 are starting and be sure to check out  3DPrinterPrices.net and let me know what you think!









Image courtesy of renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net