Oct 11

New Passive Income Project Underway

Construction of my new Zazzle store has begun.

Last week I started the re-design and re-build of an old Zazzle store. Using my new found WordPress skills, I figured I could make a more useful, more functional site than I previously had. I also managed to score the exact .com domain that I wanted for my site!

This will be an extension and redevelopment of an old site (and store) that had previously made a modest amount of income through sales. The old site generated approximately $4,000 per year, which is by no means going to make me rich, but it’s not too bad for a site that ranks on page 6 of Google  :(

However! for the past 12 months now, I have been learning about web marketing, affiliate programs, Wordpress development, etc and it’s time to put all that learning into action. Thirty Something Investor’s main goal is to deliver easy to understand breakdowns of financial options, however creating business opportunities online aren’t always simple.

I’m going to keep updating the blog with updates of progress as well as goals for the coming weeks, so keep checking back to see how the site grows.

So far I’ve got my perfect domain name and registered it. In the past I have kept all my domains with GoDaddy just because I like their ‘Domain Auctions’. It’s a good place to sell off any domains you decide not to develop.

This time around, though, I went straight ahead and registered it with my main hosting provider BlueHost. All of my sites are currently set up on BlueHost because they allow me to have one account with as many sub domains as I want! That means I can have multiple different websites (with different names, layouts, domain names, etc) all hosted (and admin’d) in one place. This is perfect for trying out different blog or website ideas without buying multiple hosting packages. Each time you have an idea, just buy a domain for around $10 and you’re off and away!

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Anyway, so I’m putting all this to the test and will report back on how I get on. My main goals for this week (ending October 14th) are to have the main ‘skeleton’ of the site up. By this I mean all the basic pages and their navigation linked and running. All the bells and whistles, like the widgets and plugins, can wait for now. I just want the pages up and my Zazzle store appearing on the site. I’m not sure which way I will do this yet. There are a number of different plugins available to help integrate Zazzle stores into Wordpress sites, so I’ll let you know which route I eventually take.