Nov 07

Own Music from Seinfeld!

Well, to be honest, Seinfeld is just the beginning.

The entire catalog of Emmy Award winning composer/guitarist Brian Tarquin is going up for auction, but be quick! Bidding ends November 12th!

The Royalty Exchange - buy music royalties online

Buy music rights online and get paid royalties.

For your chance to own the rights to all the music in Brian Tarquin’s extensive catalogue, you need to head over to theRoyaltyExchange.com Spanning a number of high profile national and international shows, Brian’s work has generated an average annual royalty payment of $58,337 and will continue to generate income for as long as the author is alive 70+ years.

One of the most successful television shows of all time, Seinfeld has entertained and is loved by millions of people around the world. Its nine award winning seasons continue to play on television stations globally, entertaining a whole new generation. Seinfeld’s future as one of the world’s favorite shows is an almost certainty, but what isn’t for certain is who will benefit from the show’s continued success.

Bidding on the catalogue starts at $300,000, which may seem like a huge investment, but think of it like this: For 300k you’re “buying” yourself a 60k/year salary without ever having to go to work to earn it. Plus, with the royalties coming for the next 70+ years, it’s an investment to pass on to your children. You’ll have a safety net making money if you ever lose your job temporarily or can’t work. Remember, the collection and ownership of assets like these are they key to financial independence.


Accounts are free!

You will need to create an account with TheRoyaltyExchange but it’s completely free.

Auctions previously have been slow to be added as the demand grows, as Royalty Exchange is a new (and almost exclusive) way to buy media royalties. I’ve had an account there now for a while and they are starting to regularly add new auctions. If all this sounds way out of your budget, I’d encourage you to visit Royalty Exchange anyway. They have a range of auctions at different price levels, although the income they generate is reflected in their price.

Current auctions include music from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, “America’s Next Top Model” and classic HipHop track “Everlasting Bass”, and bidding starts at $1,000 so it’s not all hundreds of thousands to get into royalty ownership. Previous auctions (including some music from Disney’s “Bambi”) have sold for a final price as low as $1,200!

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Royalty exchange provides an easy doorway into what has previously been a very privately traded asset. Expensive? It sure can be, but this new marketplace for royalties is an interesting browse and if nothing else, you may be surprised at how affordable getting into royalty ownership can be.