May 29

Spring Update – It’s been a busy season!

Wow! The last few months have been crazy here.

I (along with my partner) have completed the purchase of our first income property! Remodeling is underway and has been consuming most of my time, so sorry for the recent lack of posts. It will still be some time before the house is available for rent and we have a number of things still yet to do.

After we finish researching and choosing how (and with who) we will be managing the property, i’ll tell you all about the various options available to income property owners and why we choose to do what we did.

I was hoping to pass my realtor exam before we stepped out and bought our first home, (and still intend to take and pass the exam) but this house was just too good an opportunity to pass up, and once we are up and running i’ll explain why. 😉


In other news, I’m on the first page of google!

My niche affilate website 3d printer prices has made it on to the first page of google for my target keyword (and a few other keywords too!) and has started to earn income from google Adsense. It’s still by no means going to make me rich (making only a few dollars a day), but these projects are investments and each month that investment and time I’m putting in is paying off more and more! Nothing comes overnight in the world of google. Ranking in search results and making money from Adsense advertising or affiliates etc, is very much a “get rich slow” process.

Many people start projects just like me, but remember its finishing them thats the important part!. You do all the hard work, you think of a niche, do some keyword research,  build a site and write some articles, the problem is,  most people give up shortly after “launching” their site if they are not seeing a large enough income or traffic from their efforts.

High (and more importantly sustainable) Google rankings take time to achieve. Short term spamming and “get rich quick” business models many get you a high ranking quickly, but it will also get you ‘sandboxed’ by Google. I’m sure you can imagine how successful an internet business can be without Google. Quality content will always put you in a good position for long term success. If it was easy to cheat, the top ranking sites would be different almost by the minute as each site out spams the other. The reality is that the most successful makers of quality content and services consistently rank high in Google and recent changes in Googles algorithm have made finding (and punishing) spammy websites even easier so making the first page is something i’m quite proud of. :)



So what’s next for ThirtySomething?


Niche site guide.

After having spent so much time working on my affiliate site, (and not posting enough here on ThirtySomething) i’ve decided to compile a guide to how exactly I have gone about building my site. It will cover the entire process from first thinking of my idea, researching keywords, finding partners and affiliates, all the way up to what to do after your site is built. I hope it will inspire and help some of you to start projects and future business’s of your own. If you have anything you would like to have especially covered in the guide, please feel free to comment below. The more we share the more we learn! :)


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Along with the things that are beginning to make the site a success, I intend to tell you all about the things that I haven’t found useful and any mistakes I have made along the way. Sharing hindsight of the failures is just as important (if not more so) than telling you what works, as its from the mistakes, that we learn our lessons after all!


And finally…..

Being so busy the past few months has made me realize that i simply dont have time to do everything. The past few weeks i have been working with freelance writers and software engineers to keep my ever growing projects running smooth. In an upcoming post i’ll be talking about outsourcing some of the work involved in these projects, why i chose to do it, and how you can use outsourcing to make your investments more efficient both in the time they take to establish, and the income it generates for you.


Till next time!